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Georgia Injury Attorneys with the Experience you need.

George C. Creal, Jr., P.C., Trial Lawyer have the experience and expertise to help injury victims collect the money they need to pay for their medical care, lost wages and to compensate them for your pain and suffering. We can not make your injuries go away but we can make insurances companies pay you what you deserve for your injuries, so you can live the best life possible. Call our office for a free injury consultation.

We have handled car accidents, auto mobile collisions, trucking accidents, company vehicle collisions. We have cases that we have settled without trial in the millions. We know what insurance companies want and need to pay you the full value of your injuries. We have experience collecting medical payments from insurance companies. We have experience collecting medical records. We have accident re-constructionist that we can consult to prove that your motor vehicle collision was not your fault. We can help you prove that the other driver violated Georgia Traffic and Criminal laws in the way that your injury occurred. We know what kind of medical treatment you need to have and how much medical treatment is right for your injury. We can make sure you get the x-rays and MRI’s to prove that your injuries are serious. We also know that you must reach maximum medical improvement before we can settle your case and how to make sure your doctors gives you the right impairment rating to guarantee an adequate and fair settlement for your injuries.

If you are injured at work, we know the deadlines that must be met to maintain a workers compensation claim against your employer. We know how to get you the medical treatment you need and how to secure your income benefits you can can live and take care of your family. If your claims are catastrophic, we know how to make sure you are taken care of for life.